Thursday tradition


Eversince masuk USM, banyak benda berubah. Satu in particular, I write more in Malay now. Sebab assignments harian dalam Bahasa Melayu. Bergaul dengan orang yang kuat jiwa Melayu. Artikel dan bahan bacaan ratanya bahasa Melayu. My Engrish is now lusty. Not lusty, rusty. Get it?

Anyway, cerita tentang nafsu. Sekarang ni nafsu makan kuat gila okay! Tak tahu lah sebab nak period ke kan? Tapi my theory is because I stopped myself from having nafsu for attention from him, my nafsu makan bertambah. Or maybe it emotional eating. Entah. Berkait mungkin.

Every Thursday, I will have classes from 11am to 5pm. Usually after the 5pm class I will go out with friends to QB Mall to eat. See? Makan lagi. Totally BKM. Lagipun I ada small goal. Nak try makan kat semua kedai yag halal kat QB tu.

Semalam still the same routine. With random people. I suka kan? Main join je mana-mana random cliques yang I can fit in. Went with Ain, Niza and Nor and had early dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. First time try setelah berapa lama nak try. Biasa je rupanya. Harga sama Chillis. Baik makan Chillis. Then we split up. Nor and I joined the girls from KUIS (Ainul, Emy, Shida, and Ieda) for movies.

Haaaa cerita lagi pasal nafsu. Tapi nafsu Ieda lah. We actually came to watch Magika (which was awesome btw!) but she was influenced by the others to watch Cobra something, a Thai film. Dan aku sebagai kaki wayang pun terjebak 2 movie. The movie sucked. I tweet the whole time. Sampai orang sume bengang because I gave the spoilers.

Seriously, jangan tengok. But go watch Magika. I suka! Unless you don't like musicals. Then don't.

Hmm.. Malam ni nak tengok Eat.Pray.Love pulak. Pulun Hani pulun! Assignments jangan tak buat.

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