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Boleh ke ha kalau nak mintak maaf indirectly pada perkara yang indirect juga?

I'm sorry I get hurt over things that aren't meant for me.
I'm sorry I'm still looking for something to turn off that switch you turned on.
I'm sorry I assume to know you when clearly I don't.
I'm sorry we're just acquaintance, not friends.
I'm sorry.

I tutup cerita you di sini.
I taknak buka lagi.
I want to be able to be me. To feel comfortable around people.
I am comfortable around you, I want you to be able to do that too.

When a decision has to be made, people argue if we should decide with our head or our heart.
I'm deciding with my head for my heart.
And my decision was made by my heart for my head.

This have only been 3 months. Exactly 3 months.
I can go on longer but its just unhealthy.
I knew you spelled trouble the moment I saw you.
But that's just me. I'm attracted to trouble.

If I can relive 15th July and not see you in the crowd, I would.
If I can change my step on 16th August or withdraw myself, I would.
If I can avoid your gesture on 18th August, I would.
If I can escape 20th August, I would.
If I can experience again 28th August, I'll decline.
If I can control 19th September, I'll evade everything.

I'll block all the little things I assumed signs.
I'll elude every conversation about you, with you.
I promise. This page shall be the last about you.

(blank page)


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  1. i looooovveeeee this entry!

    all the lines are so details.



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