Finding my own cure


Notice tak? I write in Malay bila overdose of emotions. Full English bila marah, and mix of both language when Im just me.

Ni tak tahu lah bahasa apa nak tulis kan?

So anyway this is the pictures from last Sunday. Rock for the Cure at Hard Rock Penang. Very intimate showcase sebab tak ramai datang. Tapi best! Dead Mushroom should have gotten more credit. They're good!

Lefthanded sans Nash was great too. I dont know who was the guy that replaced him, but I had a great time singing along in the crowd. Next to Rashidi Ishak at that! And Man Kidal, ada sebab kenapa orang pandang dia legendary kan?

Faizal Tahir obviously was the bomb! He was a singing superhero! Banyak jugak lagu dia perform. Sayangnya he didn't spare some time to take photographs. Was told that he got a backache. Impressive jugak boleh rock out even with a backache.

Kami pergi berlima je

Nah. Eat your heart out.

Ni bassist Dead Mushroom. I have this thing about lanky bassist kan?

Fun time ended with a recreation session at the beach. The boys went in for a swim, the girls fly the kite, and I sat at the beach,, reading a book, enjoying the breeze. I need to do that again.

Stressful week people! Report writing, back ache, oily hair, have not been feeding my belaan with good food, and yes...I'm still lost.

I haven't decide if I should go back to KL in between exam for my convocation. I was not granted permission to go to Hatyai next weekend. Or to travel to any other country on my own. I have not been sleeping well.

To top it all, my credit transfer is still giving me problems. 2 weeks away from final semester at that! I am a FLOATING student. I do not have a major, padahal Im majoring in Persuasive Communication. I do not have a minor, padahal I've decided on Philosophy. And my Mass Comm unit transfer tak lepas. Instead they gave me exemption for Komunikasi dan Budaya. Great!

Thank you very much you lousy piece of paper. Now I need to go back to my assignments. More words. Crap!

I am one who doesn't like to be compound in a space. I believe in experience learning. I want to travel. I need to travel. I want a view from another place, another perspective. New people, new culture, new ways. Its frustrating that I still cant do that. Too young, too broke, too dangerous, too protected. When will I learn then? When?

Let the bird out of the nest, or else it can never fly.

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  1. kamu marah atau emo dua2 adalah diri kamu yg sebenar hahaha :P

  2. Rindunya zaman muda-mudi dulu..pi gig tgk Dead Mushroom


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