Love is forever, friendship is eternal


I nak test power, to see if I can write again.

Here's the thing. I've been in my off mood the past week right? I know I need to recompose
myself. Therefore, I tried to take my mind of things that made me, not me. Now, I'm better. I shall not assume the little, random things that happened need detailed analysis or see them as signs. I will not allow myself to fall into the same place again. I hate to see myself vulnerable. I don't think I'm ready to be that Hani who is easily hurt, who can break easily. Just because she has someone to rely on.

I've re-think about the situation. I like him, what if he likes me too? I'm sure there's nothing I will do. Absolutely nothing, because its unlike me to motion any move. The most I will do is let him know I'm happy about it. I don't want a relationship so why be too worked up on it right? Maybe the time is not now. Not yet. I am happy now. Its better for us to be friends. Its the same type of love, everlasting.

I've been around Zu and Yap a lot. And how they act around each other reminds me of how Cwoo and I was. I miss that boy so much. 2 people who are so different and yet understand each other so well. Nak bergaduh pun dengan dia. Nak menangis pun dia. Nak bebel macam emak pun dengan dia. Why laaa so jauh?

Tapi, the person who understands me most and my best friend in this life (hopefully other lives as well) is none other than my Abah. Minggu ni je dah berapa kali he texted me in the morning telling about the places we usually have our breakfast together. I miss our dates. One time, we wanted to kill time while waiting Mama to get off work, we went to Muzium Negara. Random right?

He's not exactly a person who is rajin to go out to places just because, so when opportunity like that happens, it becomes one of my favourite moments. Sometimes we go out for movies. That's even harder to convince him to come with. Because he thinks its a waste of money. Unless I picked the right movies like Transformers, LOTR, or movies based on comic/manga.

I need someone near who loves books as much as we do. Who I can talk everything to. Who always have answers. Who can reason to me. Who's older and mature, but kid like at the same time. Who is here.

The last picture is just because I'm random like that. And I like things weird. That's just me. Don't you think its so frikkin cute???

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