Teeeeeeeeet! I no no has pokerface. I has Monopoly face. Because I don't play poker but Monopoly. Aku dah jadi lame. Pardon my newy developed lameness.

So anyway, after GV ended, an aunty came to me and started chatting with me. Very mengejut. berterus-terang and downright true. Its shocking weh! The conversation goes a lil like this.

"Sorry ah, aunty cakap you jangan marah. You ni very hot tempered ah. Can see from your face. Sangat senang marah. But now not so much anymore. You can control it a bit. Muka you garang, sombong. Orang dont want to tegur. But after talk with people than okaylah. Like if aunty talk to you first, then you very friendly. You outside very sombong, but actually inside lembut hati. Senang kesian. You the type will do anything for friends. Sangat sayang kawan. Betui tak? But you pilih-pilih. If you close to one person only that one lah. And also, if orang sudah buat salah dengan you, you takmau rapat lagi. You mulut cakap okay loh. Tapi hati sudah takmau.

Some more you tak suka orang control. Kalau orang tanya-tanya pigi mana, keluar ke apa, balik pukul berapa, you tak suka. Pada you asal pandai jaga diri, you tau takda buat tak elok, selamat, then okaylah. Right now you dont have a boyfriend. Got someone who likes you but you don't want. You mau fokus pelajaran. And also you ada suka satu lelaki. Tapi takda apa jadi. Sebab you taktau dia macamana. Betui tak? Dia jenis senyap lah. Tak sama macam you punya. Kalau dua-dua jenis banyak-banyak cakap senang gaduh maa"

Is that scary or what??? She randomly came up to me and gave that analysis. The best thing was it is almost 90% accurate. SERIOUSLY?

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  1. Damn..can I see that aunty also??haha

  2. eh...saya nak jumpa aunty tu jugak!:D

  3. shes not a psychic..but she does tell u what u already know urself. but very scary indeed.


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