I can't write when Im force to


Dah cakap dah! I just cant. I have to write an article due on the 28th, only half a page, about anything I want. But the fact that I must write it, makes me cant write it. Get it? I've been staring at the screen for the past 4 hours doing nothing. Not exactly nothing, Im facebook-ing! Heh!

Ohh Im currently in Kuantan, going back tomorrow. Missed the ice-skating trip with friends but managed to get 2 jeans yg sangat best for RM10 each! One of it is a baby phat jeans. I looiike! Ohhh lagi satu. Aunty Lily brought out Mama's wedding garment from her closet. She said its collecting dust and wants us to bring it back. The garment is 21 years old and Im 20. Mama was 33 when she had it on. The point of the story is, despite trying so hard to hold my breath, suck my tummy and squeeze into it, I CANT FIT INTO IT!

There! Memang not gonna wear that for my wedding obviously! Not complaining by the way. Why are they so kurus back then? My grandma's kebaya tops from the 60's lagi laaa. Kecik yang amat.

Eh hello words, it seems you came out like fluid. Kenapa tadi aku nak tulis article taknak keluar?!

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  1. HEHEHHE...
    wahh baby phat jeans for rm10 only..
    gilos murah

  2. mana jumpa jeans? im still wearing my maternity pants doh. gila sedih.

    nak soh abg ayis balik ah wiken nih!

  3. where u get the jeans,,???
    gyle kawl,,,!!


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