Cukup makan, cukup doa, dapat cinta


Im not gonna post up spoilers here, ramai pulak benci aku nanti kan? Semalam kat twitter dah kene complain sebab banyak sangat details movie Magika and Revenge of King Cobra. Jadi, yang ni takkan dikeluarkan langsung.

Except, how I plan my to live my life in 3 places doing 3 main activities just like Julia/Liz did.

I can't decide where to spend 3-4 months for the main purpose of eating. People choose Rome or France usually because of their wine, I'm not interested and I can't. Japan makanan mentah. Memang suka, tapi lama-lama hambar lah kan. Oh oh!!! Korea! I've been watching 2days 1night for so long. Beautiful place. The food looks good! Mostly seafood and Korean have spicy food too. I can survive there. Plus there's KPop and entertaining game shows. Ohhh KHJ too! Saranghae!

Obviously as a Muslim, I nak jadi Tetamu Allah juga. 4 months, mungkin tak cukup. But I would really love to experience the serenity, the calmness, the heat, the feeling of being blessed. I want it all. I feel jealous of my friends and relatives who have had the chance to go there. Makkah and Madinah, our holy city. I'll visit you. InsyaAllah.

To love, find love, be in love, or celebrate love, I want to go to Greece. The place where the term philo or love begins. I wasn't a fan of Greece before. Until I saw Kak Iziana's honeymoon pictures. And then watch the magnificent view through Sisterhood of Travelling Pants. Sigh! Awesomenyaaaa! 4 months there please!

How can you not want to live in Greece? Hari-hari boleh cliff diving!

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