How do you count 100 in Japanese-English?
Ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten.

Surely you've watched the video. If you haven't, search it on Youtube!

You do realised its 10/10/10 right? Wouldn't miss finding a reason to blog about it! I tengah sangat rajin blog kan sekarang? Ada musim. Ni musim tak serabut aktiviti, tapi serabut otak. Jadi akan ada je benda nak ditulis. Its my theraphy. I just realised I'm not crazy busy like the rest because I did not take Theory & Research subject. Thank God! Everyone have been telling me how hard it is. They got a really strict lecturer, while I got credit transfer. I got it easy.

What did I do on 10/10/10?
Woke up at noon because the fire alarm rang. Read Sophie's World sekadar yang mampu sebab its quiet heavy. Sleep. Awaken by the fire alarm again. Pissed off, went to take a shower. Fire alarm rang again. Went online. Go directly to CG's FB page. Made a report about the alarm that kept blaring now and then, to a point nobody cared to run EVEN IF THERE IS FIRE! Got dressed. Went to NCR ice cream gathering at McD. Had dinner there. Went back to CG for Maghrib. Left for AIESEC GT3. Had fun. Raised hand for MyLDS committee election. Restrain need to pee because the room is too cold. Rushed back to CG to pee. And here I am on Serendipity.

Pretty boring. Zu's is simply depressing. Because her hearthrob, Aqasha got married today. He's an actor btw. Malaysian astronaut got married today too. Mungkin ramai lagi. Orang kan semua nak pilih nice dates. Padahal nice dates tak menjanjikan nice marriage. Takpelah. Mereka yang kahwin. Aku melebih-lebih sebab takleh kahwin lagi.

Now what did I do on 09/09/09?
(Clicking and scrolling past posts)
Can't find anything. But pretty sure I was still in Timah then.

I don't even want to recall 08/08/08.
Good date, was a great night, worst decision in my life.

Zaman sekolah. Lalu terus membuka Friendster because FB wasn't the IT thing back then.
Zomg! Gambar2 daku muda remaja dan comel belaka. Ahahahhahaaha!
Gooooossshhh! Tu masa time rambut baru straighten! Middle of the year. SPM year. Time kena ban tengok wayang and online. Specific itinerary tak dapat dikenal pasti. This will do.

Hey! I'am writing like me again. No more of his presence through my writing.
Its a new day and you've fade away.
I hope the universe will stop the play.
Its a new dawn, its a new day, and I'm feeling good!

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  1. mcm bangang kan pergi tgk sapa 'ex gf' aqasha yg kawin 101010 punya blog only to realize its oct to play april fool! ok. no more 'observing'. buang masa sungguh :P


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