13++ sweetest things


Hello! my numbered list is back! Today it will all be all things sweet. Not just the taste, but the thought and the sentiments that brought smiles.
  1. Are you sweet? Yes I am! For the people I care, I'll express it. For the people I have feelings for, I suppress it.
  2. The sweetest candy bar: Cadbury's white chocolate 4wend 4eva. Its sooooo sweet that I had to nibble it little by little. But really really nice too. And the whole memory of that snack is sweet as well. Imran brought it back from South Africa for me. And the name of it is cute as hell. 4wends 4eva!
  3. Sweetest dessert: Can't decide. I'm a sweet tooth, but I have yet to try the macaroons that they say is too sweet.
  4. Sweetest random moment: Last Wednesday. Mas & I had an impromptu run to Sushi King for Salmon Nishoku.
  5. Sweetest school memory: Sharing nasi goreng brought from home with the whole class. That wins hands down!

  6. Sweetest degree memory: PERKOM's Cahaya Ramadhan. That's how I came to love you people.

  7. Sweetest advice: "Jaga hati kamu elok-elok. Jangan bagi lelaki sebarangan"
  8. Sweetest act by a stranger: One time back in BBGS, due to miscommunication, no one came to pick me up from school. I was 7 or 8. I waited for Abah at the bus station until after dark and didn't remember being scared. Because the canteen workers were there accompanying me. I don't remember them. But I remember them being there and me not being scared. Thank you, whoever and where ever you are.
  9. Sweetest toddler: They don't usually like me, but Damia Qaisara, since her first day at Nuh's Ark have always cling to me. So much that all the other aunties refer me as her mummy.

  10. Sweetest, by the father: Him bringing back Edward Scissorhand's DVD from Johor for me. I got teary eyed. Credits to you Tantiey.
  11. Sweetest, by the mother: Dulu masa kecik, bila I balik rumah after I went away for some time, I would expect my parents to give me presents. Tak pernah berlaku pun. But once in a while, at the most unexpected times Mama will bring back stuff that I treasure until now. A crystal butterfly, and books with charm bracelets.
  12. Sweetest, by the brother: He doesn't have to say anything back. Whenever I talk to him, I know he understands.
  13. Sweetest phone call: Back in SA after Timah was robbed and I lost my camera, Z called. He played Edwin McCain's I'll Be on his guitar AND SANG for me. That helped.
  14. Sweetest song: Radiohead's Creep. Classic. Its so sweet in a very twisted way.
  15. Sweetest gift: My Juna, from Kak Long and Ayah Sham. Terima kasih banyak-banyak.
  16. Sweetest treasure: My big ass family.

  17. Sweetest month in my life: June 2010. Too many things to be thankful for.
  18. Sweetest trick being played on me: You. Right now. By the universe. Its bittersweet.
  19. Sweetest blog: Ini ditulis by request. Sweet like Candy

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  1. ehhhh you lupa sesuatu la
    the sweetest blog...
    sweet like candy
    or maybe..
    the sweetest persom
    Sweet like candy...hahahahaha


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