13++ guilty pleasures


Macam biasalah.. Bila kerja banyak, memang takkan buat. Mesti distracted dengan benda lain. I am a procrastinator, and I have not find ways to disseminate that from myself.

Okay so, my 13++ list seems to come early this time. I want to list down my guilty pleasure. Secretly we all have one. Definition of it may vary. Some say its something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it.

It may also defined as secretive, sick and twisted activity/hobby or preference that someone does, that KNOWS they shouldn't and feel downright ashamed for. My simple definition: Its something you enjoy doing but you shouldn't, because you know its not good for you. And you're ashamed to admit it gives you pleasure.

Here's mine. Maybe you want to share yours.
  1. Facebook (which indirectly means cyberspace stalking)
  2. Blogging on Serendipity and refreshing it to see if I have any new readers. (Malunya tulis ni!)
  3. Johnny Depp. Hello?
  4. Reading novel-novel cinta Melayu
  5. Watching Hindi films just for the sake of shedding some tears.
  6. Sushi cravings on weekly basis and fulfilling it!
  7. Buying shoes
  8. Planning my wedding
  9. Korean variety show: 1night 2days. Hilarious!
  10. Ordering anything with cheese. The more the better.
  11. Girl crush on Jessica Alba. (Tapi semua orang tahu, sebab I tak ashamed to admit)
  12. Loving the attention from inappropriate person.
  13. Sleeping (jangan berani taknak mengaku!)

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