I can say im still new to this blogging thing. But I do want to try it since skarang ni im an online addict. Everyday kene online. MESTI! Macam x hidup kalau tak online. Betul, dah sampai tahap itu. Oh well! Ill do sumthing bout it nanti. Not just yet.

Last weekend was my aunts wedding, her 3rd. I cant say I enjoy it that much. Sebab biasa je. Nikah only. Family ramai giler! A bit funny, since my dad and my pak long have asked my grandma more than once whos coming. Her answer was “kite-kite adik-beradik je”. Is that true or what? Hahahahaha. Bukan adik beradik my dad, my grandma’s siblings! So segala macam tok (fill name in here) and nek (fill name in here) datang lah. Haish!

I do have to say the night before was better. Rauf’s surprise party! People were limited. 8 org je. But it was fun. Thanks ash, ayed, dida, lya, paden, rauf and shaheadz for coming. Payan and Milly, sorry u guys were not there. Or else it wud be fun-ner! I miss u guys! I do have to say I love planning things and see it coming through. Maybe that’s why im good at it (hah!). Since that night im officially a nocturnal! Dah insomnia pon. I sleep at 5 the earliest or 7 the latest. I just cant sleep early anymore. Then ill wake up around 2 or 3. Gile tak? Bad habit! Cepat lah masuk uni. Or anything! Skarang im practically a sloth, a couch potato, insomniac (if there is that term), a nocturnal. Sigh.

Sorry for my first post people. I was very, very, disturbed. You see, I have a mentally and physically challenged brother. Not Down’s Syndrome, but something like it. For those who doesn’t know, its Cerebral Palsy(cari kat wikipedia). Or shall be referred as CP from now on. Lets call my brother CP too. Kinda cool, less alphabets to write. Heh heh heh! Anyway, looking after him isn’t that hard. Tapi kene sentiasa ada oranglah. In case anything bad should ever happen (god forbid!) to him. My dilemma is: I want to go back to my kampong! Sweet sweet Semenyih! Masalahnye, permission from my parents coz when I go back its gonna be hard to leave. That’s why I want to stay there a bit longer. Not just the weekends. Lepaskan rindu and wutnots to the people, the place, the food.

I need to go back! Its been soooo long since the last time. Plus, its my grandparents 46th anniversary AND their birthday. Gile la kalau x balik! Dahla I didn’t call to wish them. I want to do it face to face, and hug them, and give the presents to them, and see them smile. Gosh, I miss that. Just by writing that, make me choke and want to cry. Semenyih, my childhood, my paradise, my love, the only place that can me cry my eyeballs out. NAK BALIK SEMENYIH!!!

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  1. Which of the three pretty girls are you? Or are u one of the guys (God forbid!)?

    Semenyih is a kampung, meh?

  2. Yes, semenyih is a kampung. At least for me.

  3. Just next door to Kajang, down the road to Cheras, and it's a kampung...

    Can almost walk to Leisure Mall.

  4. Mane ade, the nearest mall is malls.


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