Electric Encounter


Since I now know what it was (I think), I can finally tell you the story.

2 days back, a guy who is working on the same project as I am touched me. Not the indecent touch. It was an appreciation pat on my shoulder but I felt as if current got through to my body from his touch.

I don't know if its because I've been reading too much Malay novels or because I am a hopeless romantic or because it really is what I thought it was. You know from books or movies, when 2 people meet and have physical contact which brings electric vibe or tingling sensation, or that punch in the gut feeling it means they are soul mate of some sort? I thought the touch was that.
Or it might be because I cringed when he touched me. I am seen as the type that wouldn't mind being touch, or hug by guys. But I really don't like it. Its okay if i touch them, but not them touching me. Yeah, bias, whatever. That's my hypocrisy.

Anyways, just now was an event which both he and I attended and we had physical contact again. He was pushing me away from being in the same picture as he is (sad, I know) and I felt nothing.

Therefore, the touch is theory 2!

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  1. Fa, you're rushing for him to be "the one" again! Faaaaa noooooooo

  2. No, he's not the one. I tak kenal dia pun kot!


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