Stupid frikking technology!


Just when i decided 2 re-blog this freakin page doesnt let me have my own nickname! idiotsss! i want that name coz its me and i need to write! im full of desperation!bloody hell! dahla tgh marah mangkok ni buat hal! bodo!! 2 years ago the reason i started blogging sebab x dapat blk semenyih. and guess whut? im blogging again for the same reason. arrrrggghhh! pressure! wutdya know? semenyih is the only place that can make me cry my eyes out just coz i cant go there. seriously! Come on laa! its toto n neni's anny! and their bday! i have to go back. dah lame sgt. Dear god, just thinking bout wanting so bad to go back and cant; makes me cry while typing!! argghhhhh!!! Tolong la bagi permision blk sane lame2 sikit. bukan kene buat ape pon kat rumah ni. im alone, jobless, gaining weight, accumulating fat, desperate, wasting time, dah jadi sloth and couch potato pon. just let me go back will u? bukan kene jaga adik sgt pon. wargh!!! so messed up!

Ill let u guys see the place, the people so dat korang faham why i love it sooooooo much!

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  1. Okay, who are those gun-toting guys? Hope the guns are made of plastic...

  2. uncle and cousins. partly plastic. air gun from thailand!

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeee.... fa!!!!!!!! why my face isn't there..??? you dont love me do you?? sob sob... nak ngadu kat acik lahhhhhhh....

  4. eh eh..ade la! 2nd foto, far left. in white. ha!!!

  5. patut la kau nak balik..mmg mcm best je aku tgk.wahhaha


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