Favours are always returned in the best possible way


What I did was simple. I offered to pick up her Maher Zain's concert tickets in KL because she had no means to do so. Abah was going to pick up ours the next day, so why not? See what you get when you do good things to others? You get fast friends.

Had she stayed in Philosophy class, she would have been a friend long before. Tapi takpe. Maher Zain telah menyatukan kami. Hehehehehe. Dahlah handsome, suara sedap, pandai nyanyi, minggu depan jumpa kami. True story!

I didn't expect her to return the favour or anything. But today she invited me for a Japanese buffet dinner. Awesome-ness! Pasni sesapa nak buat baik, ajaklah I gi makan. I tak kisah kat mana. I like to eat and will really appreciate it.

Now, enjoy the pictures of what I had. I dah tolong rasa, kunyah dan telan.

My first round: Sashimi and sushi

Kiinah's first and only round

My second round: Shishamo, Chawanmushi, baby crabs and mixed vege

Third round: Grilled lobster, scallops, prawns and salmon

Final round: Baked cheese cake, chocolate fondue, fruits, tarts and honeydew pudding

Thank you so much to you and your mum. Bless you!

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  1. my first & only round x patut disiarkan. wat malu ja ajak g buffet tapi sendiri makan 1 round ja hahaha
    ur welcome - again :)

    p/s: nasib baik gmbr glemer xde :P


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