200th post!


Yay! Sengaja nak emphasis on the 200th post. Padahal nothing pun. Im back to livin' la vida loca in Shah Alam! Corny but wuttahell! Malaaaaaassss nak cerita pasal hari jumaat blk Timah-Sabtu suruh hsemate register sbb i want to go back to KL because nak hang out dengan Milly but then registation unaccepted because i need to do it myself-Sunday BBQ picnic with Kajang clan kat Langat but i was too worried thinking bout registration so we left early to go back to Shah Alam and finally i got registered. To an almost empty hall with non existent line unlike the day before.

Hah! Should have written a proper paragraph.
Where shall I start? Ahhh about rumah Timah. I came back to a dusty house AND a jamban-less toilet. My toilet to be exact. The tiles have gone missing also, thanks to contractor who left his job undone and the place messy. I had a nervous attack just by thinking where I can poop. Ya came to live with us starting this sem. Great addition, clap clap! Sadly Eikha and Farah is not moving in. They are renting at Mahligai, Aien's place! Again, clap clap!

Aiyoh so bosan! What happen to me? I cant write! Im beginning to suck! And im just starting the new semester. Oh we are having Puan Raja Zarinah for 2 subjects this sem. I love her! She's got great English and she's funny. IF people actually understand english la kan. And I just had a class with Mr. James Kuake. He's fun too! Cool name kan? He's of peranakan and lil bit of portugis and chinese and Malay. A rojak i suppose. And I love the timetable this sem. Classes is 8.30-4.00 daily. And we got Fridays free!!!! Unless theres a replacement class lah.

Im glad to be back. Seeing all these familiar faces is great and this time around i try not to be too attached. Or get easily hurt if my friends dont include me in something. I do things for myself now. The best thing about coming back after a month break is everyone seems to put all the bad things aside and start all over. Or pick up where everyone left off. A mixture of both. I cant exactly explain it but its like starting fresh with familiarity. You get it.

Im a lot better with Phia, Sara and Yana again. We re-bonded.
And just the first day, Ramzi and Cwoo called. Lepak dlm kereta baru, hahaha!
Threesome again? Maybe not. But am I happy we all started talking again? Hell yes!
The perfect news must be the one from Puan Azian. Im still top of the pop! But of course, I need to upgrade my points this sem. Should not maintain it because Im dropping.

Let's smack our butts and whoop our ass, and work it to academic stardom! Hahahaha gila offensive.

Ouh wait! Come to YOUTH '09 this weekend! Friday to Sunday, 10.30-10.00 i think. Not sure about the time. Click the banner up there! Its been there for 2weeks, aren't you all at least curious? Im gonna be with Millie and her label, DevoTee. Selling hand painted/ handmade items! Come and bring money to shop. Its a free entry. Seeeeeeeyah!

I forgot to add, Ive had a few friends asking if Mariss Khan is my uncle. Yes he is. But I dont know him before this. Up till im 19, his wedding was the 3rd time i met him kot. Seriously! It surprises me that you people know who he is, and I dont. Heheh!

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