There's this part of me who desperately wants to ignore about other people's feelings and perception and just write about everything using whatever language and posts all those photos of my outings that my parents dont know about and will definitely would not approve because of what i wear or the company im with or the event itself or the late hours.

Theres another part of me who is self conscious on how people look at me, who is unsure and always hesitate if i should publish a post or not because i fear the scolding (since i know what i did is wrong).

And there is another part of me who doesn't give a damn. i want to be me. freely. no cover. no shield.

But i just can't because at 19, i think too much about others. And also because my mum reads my blog.

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  1. hi lisha....hihihiiiii

    Well Farah...you don't own everything of yourself. You don't live on an island alone either. Even if you do, there is always SOMEONE watching over you.
    Kita ni 'kan, jasad and ruh, belong to Allah. So take good care of both.


  2. btul ckp ma tu fa..jaga elok2 suma tu.. ;)


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