Post-Raya Syndrome?


I think I need help.

It's only been a few days. But already I'm noticing that I might have a small hole somewhere in my heart. Not literally! I have been unhappy. There I said it.

True something happened. But I resolved it. Well, I think I resolved it. Cukuplah buat masa sekarang untuk terima jawapan yang dah diberi. Will not think too much about it. Not wholly trusting, but accepting.

I don't know why. I suddenly have this longing feeling. Of what I dont know. Its a feeling that stays through out the day and linger at night. Kenapa? Withdrawal ke? Is it because I've continuously been surrounded by many family members for a week? Am I missing the kemeriahan? What is it?

I can't point it out. Everyday I wake up, go to work, surrounded by colleagues, do my job. Try my best to deliver. I see work related people at Open Houses, go to meetings, spent time after work with colleagues. Do all the things I usually do. But that feeling stays!

I try to live everyday as normal as I can. No one will actually say I look bothered or sad. Because I'm not feeling miserable. I'm just unhappy.

And its tough to share because I dont know what is making me unhappy!!!

OK. I'm annoyed.

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  1. It might be withdrawal syndrome. But more than ever, you should feel very glad that you're having one. It was my first raya away and I didn't feel anything, it felt just like any other year. So, you're actually really lucky!


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