SDN Tees


There's this dude, on my blog link. His writes in Semusim Di Neraka.

One fine day he decided to print his blog banner on a shirt and sells them.
Astonishingly, there were a lot of people who are interested!

So he keep on selling until he decided to stop because he's not making money (postal chargers, transportations fees because he hand delivers them and of course; free tees for hot chiquititas!) plus the business is ruining he's life. <- His words not mine.

So his first print is considered limited editions tees.
90 tees to be exact.
And...he's going to have more tees printed but in a different design since there are still many demands of the tees.

All i want to say is..I ada SDN tee!!

And Mike, great idea!
Who would have thought a simple blog banner design printed on a black shirt can make it big ey?

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  1. the tee looks nice on you...seriously :)

  2. you are 1 rocking chick hehehe :D

  3. thanks ;)
    for viewing and visiting.


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