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The proposed word of the day is Sufficient by @nnegwa

Let's see. The most suited issue related to the word should be money and financial. But since Im lacking in that department and the story will be leaning towards the word insufficient, i shall not write about that. Instead, ill tell you bout what Im having in life that is more than enough, family.

Intro: big ass family, in good terms with everyone, always make time to hang out with one another.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not from a well off family. But indeed I have many family members than can afford to spend what they have outside their household. And since I am (sort of) in everyone's household, I've been blessed with a lot of opportunities and materials.

I have been abroad a few times, with expenses covered by cousins, aunts and uncles. I have nice clothes that I can't afford courtesy of them. Ive dined in overpriced eatery that serves meal for one but charges for three because of them. I've been labelled as a rich girl by some because I use a Vaio and iPhone that were gifts from them. Best of all, I had a wonderful childhood because of them.

My parents are nice people. They don't have much to offer but they give when they can. Jangan berkira, they say. Because God is Great. And true enough, what little they gave was returned to them through my brother and I.

This 'rich girl' went to USM without getting any allowance from parents. I went to university and bought all those necessities dengan ihsan family members. My father said all that I got right now are things he never dreamt he can actually provide for me. And we are all grateful.

I never really requested to get something. Things are mere items. Im not brand conscious not because I dont like branded things or Im not familiar with them. It's just simply coz I can't afford them and what I have is already enough.

I have enough. Enough hardship to appreciate what come by. Enough love to extend it to others. Enough hate to only want good things in life. Enough family and friends, and to never compare their value with money. Everything is sufficient. Im pretty sure God also give enough time for all of us to correct what is wrong. Only that we have to remind ourselves to use it right.

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