Ha-ha in the face


Pounding headache. Thinking too much.
Al0ne, tried to sleep. Didn't happen.
Called him, talked. Express. Listen.
Heard, stunned.

And then, start thinking again.
About a whole another thing.

Today, looking forward to going out.
Somehow found internet access.
Stalked. Gag reflex.
Not of loath but stunned. Again.

* * * * *
Kenapa jenis fickle minded sgt? Kan senang just stick to the plan to not burden yourself with relationship? Pandai lagi start. Kan skarang dah terjebak. Aih!
Need to find own space. With everyone. If he wants avoid, biarkan. Tak jauh mana pun hilang. Area sama. As for the rest, friends are what it is. Sakit hati pun ya, xde mereka pun xleh. Senang cerita jangan runsing2, semakkan kepala fikirkan org lain. Ada pulak dorang fikirkan pasal ko?
Penatlah. Looking forward for semester break. Break shooting drama. Ha-ha!

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