Fill it out


sometimes i just need: my own space

somtimes i want: everything to be a-okay

somtimes i like to: be away from others

sometimes all it takes: is an apology

somtimes i picture: perfectness

sometimes i wish: to be in a different clique

sometimes i find: that i annoy myself

sometimes i take: time off from everyone

sometimes i look: back and regret

sometimes i hate: myself

sometimes it’s nice: to see u in front of me

sometimes it hurts: when you dont care

sometimes it makes me happy: when you're around or near

sometimes it’s sad: to feel alone

sometimes i listen: to hurtful words

sometimes i sleep: with that black sweater

sometimes i like to watch: people

sometimes i feel: down

sometimes i rant: about the same things

sometimes i never: want to hope for you

sometimes i really: want you

When I’m ..

sad, i want: your messages

happy, i need: conscience

mad, i wish: nothing is wrong

overjoyed, i find: myself crying later on

indifferent, i like to: blog about it

content, i never: snap at others

frustrated, all it takes: is to calm down and not puke

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  1. cyg i ok je kot~ well nanti i agk ok2 i on la balik my fon alaa x lamer pn jap je k?awww i mich yu to dear,mwax!


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