To the most stalcucted person I know


Tang Yong Kwang, my own

  • expected disturbance;
  • daily visitor;
  • personal harasser;
  • attention seeker;
  • Grenade catcher;
  • drug buddy;
  • rainbow chaser;
  • cookie monster;
  • other durian;
  • non-official room mate;
  • soul sister;
  • wardrobe raider;
  • feedjit. Okay no but she feeds me all the time.
Happy birthday Yonkey!!

The first time I actually converse with you was at Interact's 2008 IU Day Preparation. You came back to check on things and help out. And afterwards I wrote on your Friendster testimonial saying that meeting you for 3 seconds feels as if I've known you for 3 years. Exaggerate much? Yeah. But I think I got that right the first time I said it.

Fast forward few years. We started getting close during that bus ride from KL to Penang on October 2010. And its been what, 7 months now? So in Yonkey years, its as if I've known you for 7 years. Judging by the attachment and the effect we have on each other, I think its more than 7 years.

You always put other people first before you. You try to cheer up others even when you're feeling down. You care a lot. Happiness elude from you. You will always offer a help when you can. You remember the little things about others but fail big time when its about yourself. You're selfless. You put up with my emo-ness. You take me to the doctor's after your date. You always, ALWAYS have things to tell me. Especially when you're rushing. You quarrel with me as if we're cats and dogs (I'm the cat!). You make me mad, but I can't stay mad. You always know what to say (although sometimes I'm in denial, I wont admit you're right). You let me win, sometimes. You listen as much as you talk. You get me. You share. You're there.

I can't remember what's it like before you were around. And since we're getting to that again, maybe I'll find out. Soon enough. You know I want you to leave for the best. And I hope you'll get to that. I've never had a bond with anyone alike to the one with you. Know that you're special. So please kurangkan senang terasa dengan I? And I'll try to do the same. Teeheee.

Thank you for everything. There's too much of  "Remember that time?" that I can list down. I appreciate it all. Even the fights. Lets hope for the best of life, infinite happiness, perfect health (no more sakit tulang), flowing wealth, cookies to feed the monster, chikin feet to share, food to fight over, unintended FFKs, RM 3.20, love to give, places to visit, shoes to haul, water to dive in, and memories to gather.


P/s: That's our first picture together. One of many.......NOT!

Lain takleh taruk because my hair is not covered. 

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