Bundle of Joy


Apart from the 7 bottles of Rejoice shampoo that I replaced Millie with, I have been doing a lil bit of shopping too. Sorry Milly & Shammy, tak sempat tunggu korang. I takleh tahan.

The bundle at TC swallowed Rm45 and gave me 4 long tops and 1 boxer in return.
The bundle in Kajang (yang best tak terhingga sebab kualiti elok dan harga bole kurang ikut suka hati macam aku ni owner kedai) made me buy a brown leather jacket and a brown slack with leather detail on the hips.

I wanted a bomber jacket actually, and wasn't really planning to buy anything. Tapi termuat pulak. And the jacket was Rm30 je kot! Mana bole tahan!! Kalau tak beli rasa macam nak roll on the floor sobbing.
The pants was Rm10. Therefore Rm40 tergadai. Needs a little shortening sebab saya ni kan pendek.

Next stop! Bundle Pak Cu Ajib at Taman Dagang and to find a bag at 6Tea's in Desa Pandan.

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