Fight baby fight!


The operation for Adik's teeth removal went quite well. It was suppose to be done after Subuh but since BOTH of my parents gave his 7.5ml Epilim dosage (each!) earlier that morning, he was stoned, literally. Therefore, they can't put him on anaesthetic because he will be unconscious until the next evening. Not something any of us would want to risk with his condition.

He went into Operation Theater at 1.30pm and came only at 6.30. The operation went well but he wont stop bleeding because he is already 17, his gum wont heal as fast. Furthermore grown adult must put pressure by biting cloth, he can't do that by himself so they can only dab a cloth to absorb the blood.

I went to see him later that night. He was half conscious and drowsy. He was fighting his eyes not go back to sleep. When he heard my voice he started whining, as if he is trying to tell that he is in pain. He was crying too. The anaesthetic must have gone out the system. And Im sure he is hungry too. The last time he ate was at 10 AM.

Im going to see him again later. Hoping for an improvement and speedy recovery. He's a fighter. He will be fine. Wish him well yea?

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