We wait


We reached Subang at 6 pm to an unopened counter for Kuantan flight. Since the place is as dull as the colour pink, we wait. There are a few eatery like 1901, Big Apple, Butler's and Starbucks. Other than banks and a few gift store, Nada! Boringggg!!

So when 2 fat kids gather, what else to do? We eat. Hahaha first at Big Apple then at 1901.
After checking in at 6.30, we continued waiting outside the gate. Had an incident with the custom guy (tahpape je) and substitute the garbage bin as a tripod to take photos!!

I slept all the way to Kuantan. It was a 45 minutes flight. Terlalu sekejap, tak panas buntut pun. Fun though =)

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