3 new family members in 2 days!


17 March 2011

Few months back they excite us with the news that they're expecting twins. Then they told us the twins will be a boy and a girl. And then,  yesterday, they shocked us. The babies decided to see the world earlier than expected, by 3 whole months! Kak Aishah had C-Section, and the boy came out first before the girl. Babies are in ICU because they're premature and are really small. Im praying for strength and health for both mummy and babies. As for Angah, praying he will not be gelabah. Keep calm and be cool. You're a dad! Surreal. Congratulations Angah and Kak Aishah! Babies, Wawa can't wait to see you!

18 March 2011

After years of making us play the guessing game, Acu (Abah's youngest brother) finally got married this morning! I really wish I'm there instead of here in Penang. Acu and Mak Cu (adjustment needed to get use to this term. Good adjustment!) I wish you both the best in life and a blessed marriage. I'm really sorry I was not at your nikah to share the happiness and joy. Fret not, I'm still celebrating your day right here in Penang. Thank you Kak Lang and Kak Uda for sending me the pictures. Still, I wish I'm there amongst all of you.

Twins and Mak Cu,

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