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Its been 2 year, 2 weeks, 3 days and few hours since Serendipity first started. Im sorry I forgot ur anniversary old friend.

I was browsing through all the postings to find decent picture I can use for facebook and decided I should create another list. I love lists. As much as I love Johnny Depp.
Therefore, here goes.

  1. My saddest moment
    My cousin mentioned in her comment 'walaupun dh setahun sebln berlalu...but i still can't see arwah's pics without crying...mungkin the feelings yg i pendam coz i sorg je yg x dpt berada disisi arwah semasa dia sakit..i xleh dgr org cerita,sebut nama and tgk gambar' I can say the same for me too. When everybody else was with her during her last seconds, I was at home reading the Yassin. I regreted not being there. I never had my closure, not even now.
  2. The time I nearly fell into depression
    Got rejected by UiTM twice, failed driving test twice (which i have yet retaken), not working, not studying, no purpose in life.
  3. My first happiness in months after school ended
  4. My favourite things I miss most from college
  5. My wishlist I can cross out
  6. My first and proudest academic achievement up to date
  7. The last time I had my period
  8. The day I allow someone to woo me
  9. The most frustrating day
  10. The day I bought my baby and heard the word fuck from my dad
  11. Incident that helps me recover from post break up depression
    Kami pergi minum cendol! Dapat lepak dengan awak buat saya happy. Thanks tau?
  12. My first depression
  13. My brother, Zamil Fahmi Ahmad Fahmi
  14. Rahsia!
    Awak tau tak ni antara hari yang paling menggembirakan.
  15. Because I still miss you and you owe me a teh tarik session
  16. Just because I want you guys to read it again..and again..and again
  17. The entry in which i curse a certain budak skolah but it was actually Eikha who stalked me
  18. Mama, and her weird fantasy
  19. The last time I went to the cinema with Abah
  20. My private blog, the one with all the posts you can't read
Happy 2nd year Serendipity! Thanks for always being here.

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