Saya tak punya ramai rakan. Apa yang ada itu saya pertahankan.
Dulu memang wujud aku yang rajin berkawan. Yang rajin membuka ruang diri untuk dipersendakan.

In my nature, its normal that I am not in the in crew. Never was in any. As a teenager it was every heart's desire to get notice, to be popular and to be in the coolest crowd. Not to mention to have a boyfriend. I grew up wanting but had none of it. For a while, I rejected being myself. I want to be somebody else.

War within yourself, there can never be a winner. I tried and I failed. In the end I stopped trying. Only then, I found that im a winner anyway. I dont have to start the war in the first place, i just have to accept myself. By embracing the life im leading, everything just fall into place.

Form 3. That was the turning point. First best friend, Liea. First crush, Matiin. First admirer, he who shall not be named. First academic success, 6As in PMR. First outing with friends without adult supervision, Chilli's at KLCC. Blessed!

It only got better in future. By the end of school Im blessed with having friends, close friends, best friends that I love and hope can remain close until we are as old as Mona Lisa.

Liea, even though you are whiny as hell, speak with a slur, and tall as the Eiffel Tower you still lean on me. I guess you are actually the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Dont worry, lean on me.

Milly, you know I remember I had a childhood wish. I wished for you as my best friend. I was 7 then. 10 years later, at 17, my wish is granted. We have always been friends but having you as my best friend...Yeah! Hahaha. You think a lot like me, you know me better than myself, and you know just what to say. Its as if instead of speaking my mind, you put words in my head! I love you weed.

Nana, hah! You are the longest friend I ever had. You were my classmate through half of Primary and in the last 2 years of Secondary. We got closer towards the end right? I was there to listen to your first letdown and still Im all ears for you, always. Cant say the same for you though, you can onl listen through your right ear.

Ashley, dont think I forgot you? My sweetest friend. Things might not work out between you and him but we bond well didnt we? Thanks for your time for me. I know we have different clique but you always make an effort for me.

Phia, Sara, Yana, awesome foursome! You guys and the rest of Timah i hope for an everlasting bond. Kita ramai sangat tapi sangat best kalau sampai beranak-pinak maseh boleh gila-gila together. And i hope for our spouses to be friends too. Barulah terbaek!

Love you girls. xoxo

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