Autobots kick butts!


For a girl who never watches Transformers in her life (due to no reruns of the show during my childhood) I frikkin LOVE TRANSFORMERS!!! Watched it yesterday at iMAX (5times bigger than other cinema screens.) with my dad; a transformers geek.

My uncle said in his blog, Transformers rock! So hard that he cheered in the cinema when Optimus Prime gave the commands, Autobots! Roll out! Being the geek that he was, he nearly cried watching the movie. The nostalgic feelings. Dont laugh, i know not some but most of you felt the same way too when overwhelmed by nostalgic feelings. Even my dad. Oh yes, he was moved to tears too when the autobots gathered in the alley to introduce themselves.

(Alley scene)
Me : Now i know why Achik wanted to cry watching this movie, i felt the same way too!
Abah : Abah pun. Nak menitik air mata.

Oh well! I had one too, when i accidently read Doraemon's ending. He finally left Nobita in order to let him grow up. As long as Doraemon stays with Nobita, he will never grow up. So he went back to the future and left Nobita to cry (yang jenis banjir skali ngan air hingus keluar) sampai demam. But Doraemon came back and talk it through with him. And again, he left Nobita to cry jenis banjir...Doraemon never returned. As i read the final line, with Nobita's picture crying his heart out...i cried too. Reading Doraemon never felt the same again. i regret reading that one story. After sooooo many years, it finally ended. I have been reading Doraemon since i know how to read. And the comic have always been there. Letting go was hard. Really hard. Anywayyyy....

For those who doesnt want to watch the movie because they changed a little bit of the robot's design or because the gazette aint that good, you are missing a LOT! Go watch the movie, you will be proven wrong. I loved it everytime they transform! Whoa!!! Bumblebee gempak jugak eh? Cube sebesar gajah, he transformed it to the size of a cube shaped laptop. Hot damn!

The cast was great too. Enough eye candy apart from the robots themselves. Mikaela (whats her name?) and Josh Duhamel. And a geek. Shia LeBouf played the character well. Waaahhhh!!! I cant get over how great the movie was. They have everything! Comics, Great CGI, Great cast, songs, best fighing sequence for non-humans, great shots, cinematography, a lil bit of comedy, suspense, drama, romance, the fictional reality. Waaaaaaaa!!!! i have to go watch it again. I MUST! Jgn jadi macam 300. Movie best nak mati, and i watched it once? Rugi beb!
Looks like its worth it (while it last) that i bought 3 Transformers shirts for rm80 eh?

Mr.Bay, ill be waiting for the sequel. Autobots, roll out!

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  1. Dear Kea,

    How are you, dear? Hope everything's okay.

    Hmmm...Transformers - THE Movie my kids have been pestering me and Ayah to bring them to! Tak sempat-sempat nak bawak they all. I hope to bring them next weekend. Reading your posting - nampak gayanya memang ternganga lah mulut anak-anak Aunty when they watch it nanti...Hehehe...


    it's really funny

  3. shit~

  4. what the...

    there's a .php after the _

  5. told u so..even my ex sarah had da same (transformers x besh lah,then afta movie "ITS DA BEST MOVIE EVA")


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