Hello Hadnyai, sawadikap!


Akhirnya! Lepas ke Siam! Remember a while back, I posted emo posts about not ever gonna be allowed to travel on my own? Ironically, the trip I'm not allowed to go was to Hadnyai too. Thank God the second time around I got clearance from ze parents. Oh, I'm not exactly sure of the correct spelling. Is it Hatyai or Hadnyai? Im comfortable with the latter. So Im gonna use that.

My new passport is stamped dah! Yays!

On Friday, Ain picked me up from USM after pre-internship presentation. Not 2 hours after I left Penang, not even halfway to Kedah, I started missing my happy pills. I use to have the strongest attachment to one, now I'm attached to 5! Parah dah. So anyway, lets just fast forward. I slept over at Ain's place. And the next morning...to Hadnyai!

Im sort of malas to fill in the details because that morning was a big blur for me. I had stomachache, I was not excited, it was hot, I was sleepy and I slept through most of the journey. Lets skip details for the first place. Let me tell you something. I went to Thailand, and I shopped at 7Eleven. Melampau kan! Toiletries dorang best! And cheap! And then they stooped at this hypermarket call the Big C, and I got stuck at the toiletries section, AGAIN!

Everytime bas berjalan, I tidur. Everytime they stop, we don't get down. Instead we ate! Ain's mum owns a kedai makan. So that morning she prepared nasi bungkus for us. Sedap gila! tu yang jadinya tak turun bas. Kitorang (Ain, her sister, cousin, Fura and I) makan dan makan. For the first 2 times je lah. Banyak berhenti kot. Kat sempadan, kat imigresen, kat kedai madu yang bosan tu. Dahlah sakit perut.

I cheered up at the second stop, tempat jual makanan kering where we can test all jajan / kudap-kudapan / cikedis for free. Which I did not sebab semua tulisan Siam. Tak faham makan apa kan. Yang pasti, perkara yang menerbitkan senyuman adalah AISKRIM KELAPA sedap MAX! Berlayer-layer okay. First layer pulut, second chuncks of bread, third ice cream, forth buah kabung, and topped of with nuts and pieces of ubi. Om nom nom! 20 bhat, RM2 sahaja! 

Lepastu we went to the mall yang I got stucked buying toiletries.
And then finallyyyyy, sampailah kami ke Klonghae. I think the whole time I was a bit moody because I'm really looking forward to eat. Not shop, but eat. Pastu they place where we are going for food is the last stop because it only opens in the evening. Great innit? There were so many people and all the vendors on the boat are Muslims. So I'm a happy fat kid. Sayangnya masa tak cukup. Tak habis berjalan sepanjang sungai.

Paling best, ada sushi okay! 4 pieces RM2. So its 50sen each! Everything there is 20 baht. Damn syiok! Tom yam sedap. Chicken wings! For drinks, they sell it in gelas tembikar or gelas made from buluh, and we can bring it back! I MUST COME BACK!

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