Fon saya hilang!!!


Updates! OK Go!

Im back in Shah Alam, started sem2 on 12th May aritu. 11th May sempat lagi sneakout ke Harmonic May Rockestra menonton kawan2 perform dan last time enjoy gig sebelum mula study balik (so I say).

I gain 5kilo during cuti and have not managed to lose it yet even if i eat rice only once a day and no dinner. Hadoih! And Anip, my vegetarian friend lost 5kilo during cuti, and suddenly he is everyone's nutritionist. Jealous lah tgk perut dia dah flat! Demmm.

And yes, i lost my phone last Tuesday. Tulah sapa suruh pg tgk midnight show tanpa berkat keizinan ibu bapa? Went out for movies with Phia, Sara, Arie and Adly. Lost my phone somewhere in Arie's car or in Sunway Pyramid. Also lost RM20 the same night. And to top it all...Arie's car flat out. Battery kong! Gila mengundang bad luck mlm tu. I got a new SIMcard dah, still using the old number. Pls message me bgtau its ur number. thanx yea? Really appreciate it.

And yes, the case with my rumah sewa. Too much to tell in a short post, so next time baru berceritera. On a lighter note, we had kenduri doa selamat on Friday and a housewarming BBQ afterwards. Quite fun. It wasnt fun at first sebab all the people who came we (Sara Phia and I) dont know. At all! Invited the boys from the class, sbb yg tu kami rapat. Takkan nk ajak all 60 ppl! GIla? Tetapi they were so malu2! Unlike their usual behaviour. Anyways, afterwards budak2 ARUS datang. My seniors, Pakchaq and his classmates. Baru happening! Thanx for coming guys. Barulah x rasa alienated at our own party. Pekhui!

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