Sengaja name the post blues sebab its Monday (okay moving to Tuesday) and because I am bloody addicted to Big Bang's Blue. Dafuq! The song is also playing in my subconscious mind. I find myself waking up from sleep and the song is playing in my head. Not the intro but the bridge or second verse or randomly as if its been playing the whole time! Weird and sometimes annoying. Nasib baik its a nice song.

I know I've been neglecting Serendipity. If you look properly, you might actually find spider's web or two. Lets hope there's no rats though. So how have I been? What have I been up to? Nothing really.

After I finished my last paper, I packed my belongings and rushed home. Nothing awaits in USM anymore. And KL sounds so much more promising. Im on a job hunt already eventhough I plan to start working only after raya. Hopefully job search ends before that and I can secure a good job by Ramadhan.

The holiday plan was to chill for a week at home. Then a week in Tioman for Rozi's wedding and come back for a few days before going to Langkawi with family. But the plan is now changed due to some circumstance that require the wedding to be postponed. Sekarang dah macam tawar hati sebab Tioman wedding will take place on 15th. Same date with last day in Langkawi and a family gathering in Kajang. Knowing me, Ill choose my family over friends. Tapi ni both side of family ada something and a good friend from Amsterdam getting hitched in Tioman. Choices choices.

Le sigh. I feel that I must start writing again to cure my boredom. Everyday I wake up at noon before Zuhur. Teruk weyh! Tidur sebelum Subuh. Messed up gila. I dont like this. Maybe by mid July bila dah tak tahan bosan sangat, Ill start working part time somewhere.

As for now, swimming, driving class, belajar mengaji semula, language class, semua terabur entah ke mana. Duduk rumah dalam kebosanan je. Too comfortable at home. Keluar lepak pun malas.

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