I just broke a plate therefore I simultaneously swept the kitchen


Bagus kan anak bertuah ni? Well mama, your ayam berlada serai sangat sedap dan pedas tu yang TERjatuh pinggan tu. I hope I managed to throw away all the broken pieces. Tak pasal je nanti orang terpijak pastu kene marah.

Im currently uploading photos from the open houses I went this past 2 weekends and also from the events our faculty have been having. Since internet is too slow to surf and page hop, I decided to blog. Nope, not going to blog about the pleasurable people who opened their doors and serve us great food, or the people I share those dining experience with, or even about the feast of food. Penat lah cerita makan. Hari-hari buat. Tapi hujung minggu extra effort untuk makan. Haha!

Take Kak Nana's open house just now, they served kambing golek, nasi kerabu, laksa pahang and laksa penang, keropok lekor goreng. Each of it was really good! Memang tak keluar rumah asyik dok makan je lah. Plus, its among family. The people who can compete, and compliment your eating behaviour. Terbaik! Esok to Mak Lang and Mummy Kim's house in Kajang pulak. Fuh! Tengok, there I go blabbing about food jugak akhirnya.

Went to watch Papadom midnight show last night at Pavi. With Abang E, Hani, and the Syisters (Ya, Syaniz, Pinat). Lepak with them was fun and the movie was funny and scary at the same time. Think Abah stalking me. Or your dad stalking you. Haaaaaaaaa! Que Abang Ayis and Arwen. More like Kak Lisha and Arwen kot? Hehehe

Next point! Eheemmmmm Yours Truly took her MUET speaking exam last Wednesday, and by Thursday morning it seems like other people around her have gotten her result before her. Sungguh tak best! Its literally stale news when I finally got it. Habis bragging rights kena hijack. Dahlah I have to pretend to come to the Language Faculty to sign up for MUET seminar to get that news. Anyways, Band6. Wuhuhuhuhuw!!! Untuk siapa yang tak faham scheme pemarkahan MUET its the highest rank. Equivalent to A+. Maaf lah saya excited post kat sini. Orang jarang dapat pencapain kan? Kat skolah dulu nak cecah A pun menetes, apatah lagi A+. Sila gembira bersama saya.

Speaking of being happy... Hehe. Mode gedik dah sampai. On the contrary of the last post, I think I found someone who makes me feel giddy again. Tapi takdelah nervous excited feeling. Belum sampai tahap tu lagi. Because I still can act cool and talk to him. I have this speechless, mouth-locked-shut syndrom with the people I have crush on. Him, not yet. Hehehehe he's someone who have always been there but I didn't give the option to look at twice. At that time he was dating someone. I met him the first time during one of the event my faculty held. He joined a group photo. I didn't know who he was but I remembered he's good looking, with sweet approachable face. That was few months back.

Last week, I joined his class's presentationand I managed to see him in action. Boy was I surprised! He was very composed during presentation. Speaks English well, good diction, it was a pleasurable surprise. Im a sucker for guys who speaks good English. And I thought he was just another pretty face. Oleh itu did a little digging and found out he use to be very well known back in school. A teacher's pet, school's heartthrob, someone with a title, total major lock-down in everyone's good list. Takleh bagi specific details. Mati aku, I dont know who's reading and anything can be a point for them to use against me. Hehehehe.

Anyhow, saya dengan ini berharap kawan-kawan tidak kantoi kan saya lah hendaknya. Sekian terima kasih =)

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  1. Stalker nak mampos. Having your dad stalking you is one thing, but having a total stranger stalking you just because she met you months back during an event, itu lagi scary.

    Hahahahaha. Anyhow, untuk tidak mematahkan semangat, good luck!

    P/S: Band 6? Gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. 1. Thanks sweety! I pun terkejut gila. I practically smile ear to ear when I heard the news and air mata ku bergenang. Hehehe i taknak lah tamabah highest in the Uni as of now kan.

    2. Takdelah total stranger mana when we know each other kan. Acquaintance lah. Plus, we've talked. We acknowledge each other (one side more than the other) Hahahaha.

    3. I dont stalk him okay! Back then, I tak kesah langsung sebab he's taken and I thought he's lk alaaa just another guy yg pretty boy tp empty. So when I got to know he's academically decent and can speak good english and dah single, maka dengan itu background research bermula.

    4. Baru semalam jeeeee!!!

    5. Lupa nak cakap, we have a photo together. Muahahahahahha! Gelabah gila I!


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