My hair remedy


I have very thick and stubborn hair. Coarse, dry and also damaged. Its so hard for me to find a decent shampoo. Most of it will make my hair feel great after hair wash. But once it is dry, my hair will be stiff macam papan.

Sunsilk once produced Limited Edition Sunsilk Summer Breeze. Best gila!! Smells like watermelon and leaves my head feeling light and breezy because of the methol. That was 4 years back. Then last year I discovered Rejoice Sun Care. Sumpah rambut lembut dan sangat best pakai tu. Sadly they discontinued it early this year. Sangat dengki okay!!

Harini teman Mamalang beli barang dapur kat Pantai Selamat. Pantai Selamat is a minimarket equivalent to Hock Choon which sell groceries from overseas too. Sebab tu dia sangat best! Benda kat Tesco or Carrefour xde, they got it!

The best thing that they got was REJOICE SUN CARE! Old stock since it was discontinued kan but whattahell im taking all. Seven 200ml bottles, one 250ml conditioner and i cleaned the isle!


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  1. hoi berapa lama stay kat kuantan ni?

    -abg ayis-

  2. WAH WAH.. gila syampu nih..


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