Dont say it if you dont mean it because I cant take another man like you


First and foremost, I WON THE TRIP TO SEACHANGE!!!!!!! Therefore, I'll be celebrating my 20th birthday on the 20th of November with strangers new friends! There are 500 of selected winners from various South East Asia country and I'm one of them! I'm representing Malaysia!!!!! Hell yeah! I can't wait to be there and meet ALL of them. Especially Nando Parrado. I think I'm going to cry when I see him. He's such an inspiration.

I've talked to Prof Ali to allow me to be excused from classes on the 18th and 19th, so that's sorted. I'm just hoping there will be no presentations or projects submissions on both dates. By going to the conference I'll be away from home for 3weeks straight. Record tuh! This weekend Im having MUET examination and treasure hunt. Next weekend I'll be in Pangkor for the class trip. And the other week is YES2009. Busy girl heh? Wish me luck people!

I heard Achik's and Kak Su's cat, Yahoo is dying of Chronic Renal Failure. Sedih laaaa. Walaupun Im not as close to this one compared to the other ones before, we still think them as family. Im praying for you baby.

What else??? Disebabkan tengah mengantuk tahap takleh nak buka mata yang secara semulajadinya memang dah sepet, tak tahulah nak tulis apa. Oh! I can update about Witwicky.

Let me tell you things you don't quite know about Witwicky. He has a girlfriend, he's a flirt, he's a sweet talker, he has a lot of admirers and one of them actually did something that made he and his girlfriend quarreled. While she was mad at him, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Great innit?

Well, obviously I want it but definitely not that way. If that happens with his current girlfriend, it can happen to me too. And he's just fooling around. So that didn't count. He's great at doing that, fooling around. With lots of girls. Countless! Lets put it this way, I'm just setting some ground rules. If he wants it to happen, he will work for it. And I'll think about it because clearly he's incapable of monogamy. I want a relationship that can last a lifetime. And I'm not easy.

By the way, I think he knows I like him. I am that obvious aren't I?

Chup! Orang super excited ni got the wrong info. Ill be at the SEAchange summit on 16th to 18th. Which means, semua kelas pun i tuang. Habislaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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