13++ things I am thankful for this month


1. USM offer letter for their degree program. Im very looking forward to study and live in Penang.

2. Reconcilation

3. Rekindling friendship with Kak Nora (bukan nama sebenar)

4. Graduating diploma with above 3.5 GPA and CGPA results.

5. My graduation gift from Ayah Sham and Kak Long; a white Sony VAIO I named Juna.

6. Izzat spoiling the surprise of my new VAIO, disabling me from crying in front of everyone.

7. Nana back home for the summer.

8. Millie back home for the summer too.

9. That micro mini high school reunion. Its nice to know that I'm not the only one stalking ex-schoolmates.

10. Souvenirs from Cardiff and New York. Thanks Abang E and Kak Ngah!

11. Feed Me weekends back on after 3 weeks hiatus. Will miss this sessions.

12. That old, new, Facebook friend.

13. Conditional letter from Monash for February 2011 intake.

14. Graduation trip as promised by Kak Ngah.

15. Opportunity to know which friends are for the long haul and which are not friends for life.

16. Just knowing there are so many who care for me and love me and want me in their life.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.

P/s: It would be really great if I can put in the list point 16: granted full scholarship by ___________________. InsyaAllah.

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