13++ weirdness


I wrote this a week back. Its just starting. In the earliest of getting to know stage, therefore I dont want to jinx it. I still think I may jinx it by posting this but here goes.

  1. I use to like you in form 4, but I remembered you differently. (Milly you dont know about this okay, I never told you because its just in the passing)
  2. Its so easy to talk to you even though I last saw you 2 years back.
  3. I use to see you every night but never actually talk to you.
  4. I like it that you are not a flirt.
  5. im expecting something to happen with you.
  6. I want you to ask for my number.
  7. I WANT YOUR NUMBER! (got it! hehehe)
  8. You make my face light up when we chat.
  9. I think Im starting to like you.
  10. I dont have THE FEELING yet, but there is something.
  11. (confidential)
  12. I want to talk to you when I got nothing to do.
  13. I have the urge to ask you out.
  14. I want to get to know you.
  15. I tried picturing you with my Usuals, Timahmates and my family, you fit!
  16. Im hoping for you.
  17. The letter Z in your name appeals to me.
  18. You seem impress with petty things about me.
  19. I am attracted to little things about you.
  20. I can list 20 things about you even before I met you.
As usual, he is a friend of friends. I dont make friends on my own remember? He's not from the clique from college though, THANK GOD! I want to see how it goes, if its working out..Alhamdulillah. Not going to push it. Let it be slow and steady. Takut jugak sebenarnya.

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