Of being 20, accomplishments and foreseeing things yang takut tak jadi


Okay where do I start??

I am finally home after 2 weeks tak balik. Just got back from Pangkor for the class trip and Seachange Youth Engagement Summit 2009. Sila lihat centre spread Berita Harian 17 November, Im next to Nando Parrado wearing white beanie. Penat nak update actually but I'll try. When Im not as tired and sleepy as I am now I'll fill in the gap of stories.

Pangkor was great! Better than Bagan Lalang definitely but it rains every evening so the water is not clear. When we went snorkeling but it was a major letdown. Dahlah kaki kitorang semua terkoyak, tercucuk sea urchin, berdarah. But it was an experience worth remembering. Water activities memang of course best. Beach activities was funny and damn tiring!

First day we played games PappaNazri organized, simple games everyone thought lame but was okay. Sandcastle building, human bridge, and Samson, Delilah and the lion. Kinda like one two jus. Malas nak explain. The first night we had karaoke session. I wanted to sing Ku Mohon by Sheila Majid but the CD can't play it, so I sang one of the song from Mann. Hindusetan rules! Tak masuk competition lah. Just nyanyi-nyanyi je. Obviously Farah menang. Her competition Ajis sorang je. Tapi its surprising to find out Tisa can sing, Din can sing, even Zizan can sing!

Second day we went to a nearby village at Kampung Telok Gadong for our CSR activity. Their hospitality was the greatest! Kami diarak masuk dengan kompang okay! And there was nasyid performance especially for us. The kids were lovely. Tak sangka ramai yang datang to take part. Sampai souvenir tak cukup. They were wonderful. Bingit tapi seronok. Semua jadi budak-budak sama-sama haritu. Main bom each other. Of course la my team won! We are the snake, sssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

Evening activity was treasure hunt, lari kat beach penat gila okay! Muka masing2 macam nak berbunuh. Heheheh Abah panggil nafas kuda bila bernafas macam tu. Susah gila nak cari checkpoint from one end to one end.

That night was sort of a cultural night. Each group was to perform but it should not be singing. Most of us thought it will be a comical night like we had in Bagan Lalang. So we took the emotional approach. And out of 5, 3 groups presented sad sketch. I dont have the pictures nor the videos and I didnt get to watch Beep's performance. But everyone said Beep yang lemah-lembut itu mengejutkan semua apabila dia menengking Ajis dan menangis hiba. Lakonan menjadi! Kiranya ramai anak wayang dalam kelas tapi tak tonjolkan bakat.

My group presented a serious drama of siblings in broken family. I was the responsible sister who had to quarrel with Paley, the drug addict brother. It was really funny to start. i didn't have much confidence. I actually made him switch his character with Cwoo for fear of laughing on stage. Tapi bila naik stage! Fuh! Cerita satu sen tak guna. Paley brought out the best of his character and made me bring out the best of mine too. We were literally bertegang urat atas stage. The rest of them who watched was silent. I thought tak dapat sambutan rupanya senyap sebab terkedu.

Next morning after morning exercise and breakfast ada battle joget dari atas balkoni Timah and di bawah berwakilkan Hanna, Yaya, No'on, and Bam. Kelakar gila. Tapi layan kan ajalah. Asalnya the girls kat bawah battle dengan Paley and Arie. Then we took over. No pictures. Just videos. After that Banana Boat ride and snorkeling. My Banana boat ride was with Phia, Sara, Beep, Kecik, No'on, Hanna and Farah. Everyone else fell when their boat reach the shore. But us, we hold on to it because Farah wasn't feeling well and some was dead scared. So when the boat driver swerve to the ride, all of us grip the handle and shifted our weight to the opposite direction. Lawak gila masa driver tu pandang blakang tgk semua still atas boat. Hahahahahahaha.

Finally petang balik, malas nak cerita in details. Balik. Apa nak cerita? Kemas baju, angkat barang, tidur dalam boat sampai jeti. Jalan-jalan kat Lumut sampai bas datang pukul 6. Tunggu driver makan sampai 6.30. Sampai S.Alam pukul 11.30. Penat. Terus shoot of to Malaya Hotel to check in for Seachange.


Esok sambung. Penat.

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  2. Omg best nyaaaaaaaaaaa. I hate snakes and you suck in treasure hunting, always have always will! Hahahaha.

  3. Memang terbaek!

    E, go for blackberry. and KONGAJA!! U PUN LOSER IN TREASURE HUNT OKAY!

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  5. babe,, kecik aty adly u xmention pasal dye,,


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