Hari Hol


Hari Hol adalah cuti umum di Pahang sempena kemangkatan Sultan Abu Bakar. I didn't know that at first. I asked Aiman and his answer was " Hari Lobang. Lubang kubur!"
Mana nak percaya kan?

Harini kan saya patutnya on assignment (from Mamalang) to take photos of the beauty of Kuantan. Such places I was suppose to go was Masjid Negeri, a few Istana, around town, the malls and Teluk Chempedak.

Akan tetapi instead of doing that, I went shopping! Sapa suruh ada bundle sampai berderet 4 kedai? Lepastu jalan2 dekat Mega Mall meet up dengan Shara and bought tights. Then ke Teluk Chempedak! Sumpah jakun macam first time pergi. I was born and brought up in Kuantan but that was my first time jenjalan kat laluan pedestrian tu. I never knew it existed pun!

Lalu, sesi camwhore pun berlaku lebih daripada photo assignment.

Oh oh! Kat blakang McD TC tu ada one store jual tops from FOS at knock off price! Rm6-Rm12 memang gua borong la kan! I had fun! Im glad eventhough it's a commercial beach, it's still so pristine and preety. But naughty monkeys! One of them stole Shara's ice cream.

After sending the girls home, we went to Mak Lin's place for Faris's 4th birthday party. All the neighbour's kids stared at me the whole bloddy time. I know what they're thinking. "Sapa pompuan Cina ni? Main masuk je rumah makan free?" Ziot! Mak Lin and Danial tu sama Cina je okay??

Later, the family (The households of Darul Hani, White House, Mak Yan, Mak Lin and Kubang Buaya) went for a steamboat dinner at Shahzan Inn to celebrate Mamalang & Bahalang's 46th (?) anniversary. Which I only got to know that evening because I was out since noon. And so the super sexcited girl who rarely goes out when she is in Kuantan dressed up to camwhore through the night. Fuh putus nafas!Sebenarnya saya katik je. Danish (left) and Danial (right) is taller. I had my heels on.

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  1. perghhhh enjoy sakan lah awak eh ...hmm rasa nak balik kuantan lah plak ..huh
    -abg ayis-


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