Entertain me, again...


01. Hair color: Black, coloured? X kesah.
02. Eye color: Dark..preferably brown can match mine.
03. Height: Tall guys are hot.
04. Six pack: yg x noticable kind is acceptable.
05. Long or short hair: my dad ada long hair dulu,so x kesah. clean cut is fine too.
06. Glasses: aha! boleh juga
07. Peircings: xmau!
08. Scars: i have one myself, its not his fault kalaupun ada.
09. Eyebrows: Entah, x pernah nk notice sampai camtu.
10. Big butt or little: gahahahahahahah!!!
11. Chest hair: ewwww
12. Buff or Skinny: skinny
13. Straight teeth, Gap or Braces: Straight tp ada braces chomel (=
14. Funny or Serious: funny, tp kene ada serious moments
15. Party or Stay home: oh! mixture of both.
16. Should he cook or bake something: hahaha, kalau boleh.
17. Should he have a best friend: du-uh?
18. Should he have a lot of girlfriends: as long as there is only 1 special one
19. Outgoing or Shy: owh! shy guys cute..tp kalau shy but outgoing LAGI cute! (=
20. Sarcastic or Sincere: sarcastic, i like a teaser.
21. Should he love his mother: A must.

22. Watch chick flicks with you: xleh pun xpe..sbb i prefer gory muvis.
23. Would he be a smoker: suke hati, got used to it dah.
24. Would he drink: NO. Never.
25. Would he swear: not too much lah.
26. Would he play with your hair: yes?
27. One or more girls at a time: One
28. Would he pay for the dates: go dutch!
29. Does he kiss you on the 1st date: no, xnk.
30. Where would you go to dinner: aha! i dont mind actually..xyah fancy2.
31. Would he bring you flowers: x perlu
32. Would he lay under the stars with you: haha..if he can.
33. Would he write poetry about you: a song lyric boleh?
34. Would he call you hunny, sweetie or baby: hunny is like my name, syg best kot. pet names lagi best.
35. Would he hang out with you and your friends: Yes.
36. Would you hang with him and his friends: Yeah (=
37. Will he walk you to the door: hmmm, haruslah
38. Holding hands: uh huh.
39. Soccer: hmmm..ok
40. Baseball: rounders?
41. Basketball: oooooowwhhh!!!
42. Football: same soccer la kan.
43. Water polo: kaya la kot sebenarnye kan?
44. Surf: oooowwwwwhhhh!!!
45. Skateboard: aha!
46. Snowboard:
kaya la kot sebenarnye kan?
47. Sing: it wud really please me.
48. Plays guitar: yes please!
49. Piano: serenade me.
5o. Play drums: oho! hot kot!
51. Clean his room: yes please.
52. Paint/Draw/Sculpt: draw, paint..hmmm??
53. Writes his own music: oh god yes!
54. Uses the word dude: on occasion.
55. Uses the word tight: sory, ni malaysia...x rempit ah camtu!
56. Would he watch the sunrise with you: aku bangun pagi pun tidak.
57. What kind of car does he drive: a clean one
58. How old is he: older, sedikit.
59. What would his name be: Hahahahahahahahahahahha, take a WILD guess!
Oh well, belom boleh lari.

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