Balik kampung, literally


On Friday I was in Kuantan. Abah, Mama and Adik came back for Adik's final medical check up before his operation on Monday.

Saturday morning, we went back to Kajang for a family gathering at Mummy Kim's place and Iman's cukur jambul later that night.

Berkumpul untuk makan session was a blast. Everybody came back this time except for a few. We had a photo session earlier. I thought it was meant for the relatives in Semarang but Pak Long actually meant it for Pak Teh Joe in Bath, England.

We discussed our trip to Semarang in July. I can't believe its really happening. Im going out of the country to experience different culture. And to shop!!!! 5 days trip to Jakarta-Semarang-Solo. Since I'll be arriving on the 5th. I'll miss the shopping trip to Bandung on the 4th. Sedih but Im still going to be there. Kan? =)

Dinner was at the kenduri. I didn't eat much except a lot of masak lemak cili api pucuk ubi. Which makes me have stomach ache even until now. I snapped a photo of Ibu (my aunt) and the newborn Iman (her grandson) and I choked up. Tersentap. The shot reminded me of my own photo with Nenek.

The first photo is Ibu and Iman, and the second one is Nenek and I. Actually, I didn't just choked. I cried.

Oh. Im in Kuantan again. We went back this morning for Adik's teeth removal operation tomorrow. The car must be really tired!

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