Still about twilight


Finally watched the movie!!
Been wanting to eversince its been out.
I thought i can't get anymore hooked to it after reading the book because the book was great.
The movie? It achieve the same level of 'great' but for totally different reasons.
It didn't quite bring out the details that completes the storyline, but seeing everything in visual..aih! The background sound and music scores fits too!

I hopelessly have fallen hard for the movie.
Not Edward, but the movie itself. It left me feeling fuzzy, pained and smiling loopy-ly afterwards. Went to watch it with my aunt and uncle. My aunt and I cant help being mesmerized. As for my uncle, he got annoyed listening to us talking bout Twilight after watching it.

They did tweak some parts, and certain scenes doesn't quite deliver what was written in the book. Tapi if you watch it as a movie, not as an adapted movie, it did great. Awesome in fact! Book sales increased. I went to MPH last Saturday to get the first and second book but there are only copies of the first, third and fourth. Last night, i came back to check again. The only copies sold are Twilight. Yang lain tarak!

Haih! Best, rasa puas! Tapi still, Edward Scissorhands wins the challenge, hands down.
Will always be my favourite movie.

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  1. alah i tak tgk lg twilight. my fren ckp ade org yg tgk cite tu smpi break ngn bf sbb nk carik bf mcm edward! gle weh.


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