Gelak berterabur


Best rupanya stalking Myspace eventhough takde account. Bosan2 tengok lah profile orang ramai kat Myspace. Some people are downright funny! What they wrote about themselves, or the pictures. Kelakar!

Paling best kalau tengok budak sekolah punya. Akal tak panjang lagi, macam takde identiti. Mentality nak jadi dewasa cepat. Tapi budak2 lagi jugak kan. Some give in to persuasion, or to love. Which makes them proudly flaunt themselves and significant others. Thank god, i was never like that. I act like a schoolkid when I was one. I absolutely loath schoolkids who act as if they're an adult. Have always been, will always be. Menyampah tengok self promotion of 13 to 16 year old bikini wearing, 5inch make up on their face, dress up like they're all grown up schoolgirls with irregular menstrual cycle.

Perleaseee, bikini? Apa korang flaunt pun xtau. Non-existant.
Smoking? Cepat start, lagi cepat mati lah tu.
And your other half who you give everything to? Think again.

Never agreed with Facebook relationship status (eventhough i actually did that to which almost all 'concern' family members find out i had a BF). Bongok gila, break up pun jadi public announcement. Thank god cepat sober. Kalau tak entah hape la I end up doing to declare, notify, announce, clarify, my relationship status. Gasspp...joined account?

Aih, I dont get this love reaction. Why can't people be in love and just be mellow about it. Nak semua orang tau, kahwin lah. Baru best. Semua pun halal. Kau nak taruk gambar comolot, gomol2. Hah taruk! Indecent but accepted sebab bind by nikah.

Aku ni fikir cam orang tua kan?

So what?

Oh btw, the way i hate budak sekolah its as if I was never one kan? Well, I was never a schoolgirl who acted beyond her age. I was young, stupid, clueless and immature. Therefore, i acted like the uniform wearing with irregular menses, under aged schoolgirl that I am.

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