A skateboarder's wedding, steamboat party and N.Sembilan's new YDP


Its a back-to-back melantak session yaww!
Was at Kajang on Saturday for Pak Long Mariss's wedding and kenduri at Mak Lang's place the next morning. Afterwards shoot off to Kuantan for the steamboat party the same night.
Penat makan! I come from 2 family of eaters. Memang takleh lari daripada berkompol dan makan. Hey, i dont get called BKM by Mike for nothing.

Pak Long's wedding was crowded with people. Ramai gilaaaa. I didn't eat because the que was too long and nafsu makan pun takde. I was exhausted just by looking at the number of guest. And 3/4 was family! Gila tak? Cemana aku kawen nanti.

I absolutely love the room! Its purple and white. Minimal, clean, simple, vibrant. Cantik!

These are the hantaran. Since Pak Long is a skater, most of the hantaran for him is Oakley skateboarding gears and his mas kahwin is a miniature skateboard worth of RM 2,727.27. Significant of the number is because both him and his wife's birthdate is on the 27th. They got married on the 27th to. But they're not 27.

* * * * *

Steamboat party for the piranhas!!

By the way, since the old YDP died they have to appoint new ruler. What I dont get is kenapa tak kebumikan dulu jenazah baru buat pelantikan? Kesian jenazah tu dilewat-lewatkan. And they clapped lepas appoint new YDP. Hello, funeral sepatutnya kan? Aih. Tak faham adat Melayu nih.

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  1. Hi Kea,

    (Or should I call you Hani now? ;))

    Selamat Menyambut Ma'al Hijrah, dear.

    Hanna conveyed your salam to me just now - Wa a'laikumussalaam...

    How's college life? Break till new year, I guess? UM's second sem starts tomorrow (very odd timing, don't you think?!)...and I'm so still in holiday and sambut new year mood!

    Hmmmm, steamboat - I loike! :)

    Take care, dear!

  2. bby bpk kewl giler hantaran dye!!
    i teruje nk kawen!!


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