Rantai Revelation yang berlecak - Violet


These are some of the photos from:
Friday, 12th Dec 2008
at MIA Red Bungalow near KLCC
with Violet: Andre, Ken, Pija, Jijun, Joe
and Entourage: Bika (Pija's sis), Alep (Pija's bf), Elmas (Andre's fiancee), Elmas's friend, Ifa (Joe's gf) and another nameless friend of Joe's .
also; Tanak ngaku entourage, so we call ourselves friends and audience: Ya, Ann, Pqa, Chong, Naqib, Nana, Faiz and myself.

Before performance

During performance
Pija on vocals

Ken full name Redzman

Andre, real name: Razief

This is Joe

And Jijun on bass

And afterwards

Daymn, perut macam belon! Ignore that! Pija wasn't well, she had sore throat so they performed just 3 songs. 2 by Pija and the last one Andre took over. After they performed we walked to KLCC to go to PC Fair. Seriously, it was funny. They were 14 of us. Among us, there are 3 cameras and everytime 1 point to shoot, each will stop to pose. Every single time, all the way to KLCC from Rantai. I think that short journey on foot took about half an hour. Bukan jauh pun, tapi banyak sangat berenti. The sight of 4 guys carrying guitars, another 2 dressing like a rockstar wannabe, and 8 girls tailing them..sumpah macam groupie!

Dahlah along the way while walking to asek dok snap photos. Even in the PC Fair pun tak sudah lagi. Memang camwhores betul semua orang. Finally, everyone decided to go to BB. Jadi berkonvoi lah pulak 3 kereta ke sana. I didn't join them though. Went to Pavilion to watch BOLT 3D with the brat kids. Ni lagi satu kes keriau.

Those 3D specs cost RM200++ each! Gila lah. Movie was great. Im too tired to laugh but the fat hamster, Rhino was too damn hilarious.

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