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The last time I watched Hindi film at the cinema was Veer-Zaara 2 years back, I think. On Friday night we made a family trip to Cap Square to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or translation: matchmade in heaven. Sehati Berdansa, Shah Rukh Khan style! Ye, saya tengok Hindustan, and I enjoy it. Ada masalah? If you do, I’ll start singing Peroon Mein Badhan Hain and dance around you banghra style! The bunch who went was made up of Kak Long & Ayah Sham including one of their daughters, Nurin. My mum and I, Ya, Abah Nal & Mummy Lin, Mak Nani, and Abang E. Odd mix. We got in the cinema just before the movie started. As soon as I sit down, my nostril caught the scent of green tea.

Okay not exactly green tea. The term green tea is used to refer the body odours of a certain major race in Malaysia. Here’s the story. One time, I got free Green Tea from McD for ordering stuff above RM30. But the taste was downright nauseating. It tasted as if the drink was taken from a tub of Indian’s bathing water. The one they already cleaned themselves in. It tasted,,,yucky. Jasmine scent overpowering everything else. And Jasmine automatically reminds me of Indians because of the flowers they like to wear.

Enough! Back to the main story. The movie was funny, Im sure I was among the audience who laughed the loudest. Memang takde control. We were one of the 2 Malay group in the cinema. The rest was either Punjabs or Indian. Jadi kene tunjuk Power Melayu! (Padahal muka Cina, daymn!) The addtional part of the movie during end credits, there’s a few photos shown with ShahRukh- excuse me, Datuk ShahRukh’s voice describing each photo. Since I don’t understand Hindi I depend on the subtitle. But damn you translator! Kenapa tak translate sampai habis? They don’t pay you for the additional scene ke? And damn you other audience who kept laughing at the things ShahRukh said because you understand Hindi!

Anyway, after movie we all went for supper at NZ. Because we (namely Abg E and I) didn't want to go back home directly. And we were also waiting for Bobo and Abg U (who arrived from OZ that night). Again, its odd! Funny and odd. The same group hanging out at 2am. It wasn’t something natural. Because most of them are parents. And almost all had their kids with them. Okay fine! Its not normal in my family. There I said it. Lepak with cousins after 12 tu biasa lah. But having our mums and aunts together. Hah! Kelakar. It wasn’t bad though. Enjoy juga.

Lets see, its been 2 years since my last Hindi movie at the cinema. Nearly a month since I lepak at mamak after midnight. A week since the last movie trip with a big bunch and yes..best of all! Jangan tanya bila last sekali muntah. Sebab Hani (my niece) asked me that noon. And whadyaknow? That night I puked at NZ. Hanya disebabkan kerana terlalu banyak gelak, dan asap rokok. Hah! The irony..benda2 yang biasa kat Shah Alam. Dah lama tak buat, effect: muntah!

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  1. nxt time ajak i tgk hindustan kat cinema. hahaha! (serius lah)


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