Buat tambah bengang


Okay, my article got rejected sebab it was written with foul mood. The editor said its not me. Not me? Fine lah. If you say so.

It was written masa tengah emo, bad mood, down. memang lah jadi serious. Nak funky2 tunggu jap eh. Kene cari kebahagiaan jap. Stress!!! Hopefully tomorrow night with ARUS kembalikan that fun, hyper, happy and so-called funny Hani.
Lagi tambah best. The editor (who is also a family friend) said;

It's not you. Isi dah ada, dah okay. Tapi too serious. Write something light. Macam in your blog. Funny, fun. I read your blog tau. Semua ada jugak baca. So heartbroken semua tau lah.

Just the news I need to hear today. Of all days.

*By the way, this was written masa tgh emo jugak

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  1. Ishk..ishk..ishk..you are not the only one who's article was rejected by editors. Some well known writers eg A.Samad Said, and other big names, their articles were rejected at the beginning. That's how they learn to be a star writers later on. You can be as good as them if you keep on writing and keep on trying. (Psst, some of my articles had been sent to "tong sampah" at the beginning of my career you know). Cheer up, I know that you can be a good writer in the future. -The editor

  2. It wasn't the rejection yg buat bad mood. Yang tu its normal lah. Susahlah kalau xleh handle rejection.

    It was the statement, the article is not me. Rasa defensive jap. Sebab i feel like kononnya its not me who wrote it.

    And sebab haritu mmg dah pissed off banyak benda. Read the posting before.

    Sorry for writing it here and thanks for your advice.


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