As I leave 2008..


  • Im leaving the old circle too. Goodbye musicians, hello filmmakers!
  • Im hoping to score all through next year..Dean's List all the way, so that
  • InsyaAllah, if god allows it I will only have another a year and a half here. Or 2 years max.
  • Wanting to leave those excess fat also so that i can fit into those ridiculously cheap and desirable one piece items from Nichii.
  • I also want to leave behind my anger, resentments, feuds, misunderstandings, and confrontations with others that made me feel those nauseating nerve wrecking feelings.
  • I want to learn to control my speech, my loudness and my actions towards others
  • Which includes if i should stop caring too much, care less or not be bothered at all
  • I want to do something for myself - get at least 3 articles published- earn money- or something. Just something.
  • I want to be able to pay for the P80. Clear off everything. And most importantly
  • I want to find that ultimate pair of shoes that's 0h-so-comfortable, can be worn anytime with anything without me bothering if it can get spoiled and it must last for at least 6months. Anyone wants to surprise me with a pair of Crocs? Please? Preety please?

Oh yeah!
  • A better me..

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