Muka-muka cantik, awesome dan gorjes


Nampak macam rapat sangat kan? I baru kenal diorang 2 bulan lepas. And they've known each other for over a year. I'm glad they're so welcoming and I can adapt easily. Sayang orang!

On another note. I decided that the people here are no longer robots. I've met my match, and some that I can knock heads with (Groban, Aunty, this means you). Seriously, they've made the transition easy. People don't ask (much), they politely ask if they really want to, and most of them just accept it. They embrace it just like I did.

The best fact: Most of them came up and said I looked cuter. Ngeh! Perasan much?

The best fact #2: Boleh ke ada best fact number 2? Anywayssss! My cousin said, now I'll know if a person likes me for who I am and not by how I look.

The best fact #3: Okay I dah tak peduli. Nak gak additional best fact. Now that I'm not bothered by how my hair looks, I feel more ME!

The best fact #4: I lagi selesa, more confident. Except when I wear the inner. Felt like a makcik with a serkup on. Can't allow myself to wear it just yet. Sebab I felt uncomfortable. It bothers me too much. The first day I put it on. It took me nearly an hour to get my shawl felt right. Only to find myself rushing to the toilet as soon as I reached class, to fix it again.

The best fact #5: Somehow I felt that more people are looking at me. Maybe because they noticed the changes. But I never feel insecure. Not once! Best feeling yet!

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  1. Arashi la gila. no no aunty.
    awesome pun boley. but Groban, yes. hahahaha!

    It's not that we're particularly welcoming or anything, it's just seem to belong. and you handle our craziness well enough, chicken shit HAHAHAHA!

    p/s: you do look cuter.
    cuma malas nk ckp. ;)

  2. groban your athhhh (ass)!! haha i got such a nice name starts with A lagi! eh sueann dion diamlah haha.

    it's not us hani, it's u. u fit in so easily here so now it's US. not me, not u, but US. <3 mwah!


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