Finally, selepas 5 bulan menyepi di Shah Alam kerana sibuk mendapatkan pengajian, saya akhirnya cuti! Yay! Walaupun hanya selama sebulan, mungkin sudah memadai. Nak kerja!!!! I need money! Next semester gonna cost more especially since im renting at a nearby apartment.

Wah! 1 whole month away from the people im used to hanging out with, the waking up early to go to class, the rush of doing assignments last-minute, the lepak sessions after class all around shah alam, the mad car rides with them. OH! Trips to Sani!!! Im missing it already! The last 2 weekends was exceptionally fun! Naughty but rest assured, safe!
Last weekend, i along with my friends in 2 separate cars when to Layar Tanchap. A free, art event where students, groups or individuals come to expose themselves in creative ways. We watched enthusiastic poetry reading by Miss Fynn and Ayah Aji, a lecturer from UiTM. His reading made me hyperactive. And since then...joget2, jerit2 sakan. Hooting and such. Jemm!!!

Met Ashley and Anoah Alias also. Tonton ayaq dan Funky Doryz perform, bergelak sakan tonton Arus. Best lah!

I went to support my friends and at the same time check out the event as this is my first time. Been hearing bout it a lot, but never had the chance to go. Ni dah menetap di Shah Alam dapat lah pergi..

Dan dapat macam2 lagi. hihihi Kat sini la jadi jahat sket. Overnite luar, x tido mlm, tido dlm kereta, sleepover at friends' house.. Midnight show movies, late night outings, jalan2 sampai ke TTDI, Puchong. Hebat jugalah!

The last night before i went back was the best. We had class dinner which i wore a dress to. And had a very ehemm flattering response. Yerlaa a tshirt and jeans kinda girl who usually hangs around the boys, perangai pun kasar. Alih2 pakai dress, x ke maut! Trying to make a quiet entrance was a failure. All of them waited in front of the entrance and clapped while hooting when they saw me. The irony of it. And the biggest irony of the night is, a girl flirted with me! Mak x rela nyah!! Ahahahahahaha! Kalut, therefore i stayed away from her and hang around the boys. My comfort zone. Rasa secure sket.

Had a real good time, joget2 dangdut, shuffle2 sket, karaoke. Laughing out loud, teasing, being teased. All ends well. Wait! Tu baru dinner je. Afterwards, a bunch of us in 5 cars went out to Seksyen 13. Ade this place with a long bench with a view of the stadium, we had a midnight picnic. Anip strumming on his guitar making fun of Encik Azrul, we made up factual but offending lyrics along with his signature trademarks such as "LIKE IM SAID" and "WHATEVAH!"

It was great, late night, lepak2, minum2, makan2, gelak2, borak2. Guys, that night was simple and memorable. Ajis, Pali, Wan, Arie, Anip, Phia, Sara, Yan, Adly, Ramzi, Fadol, Sayoq, Nazmi, Adin, Cwook je takde. Thank for the night guys.

Lastly, No'on and Farah..thanks for letting us sleepover.
Missing u guys.

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